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Promoting life through sport

This is one of our favourite pictures of Steve Rayner, who died on 4th July 2018. Those of us who loved Steve and miss him want to honour his memory and remember him in positive ways.  

We are Steve's Team! 

Steve loved sport and benefited from participating in so many different sports throughout his life. 

Steve's Team is raising funds and promoting initiatives to encourage as many young people as possible to enjoy sport in their lives. The more money we raise, the more opportunities we can provide and the more projects we can support.

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Who are we?

We are Steve's proud family, wife Marie and two daughters Charlotte and Cerys. We created Steve's Team to help carry on Steve's legacy of loving sport, to encourage everyone to participate and to provide opportunities for people who can't take part otherwise. Steve loved all sport, from tennis to surfing. As a family we hope to remember Steve through helping others be involved in sport.

Donating Money


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Steve's team is raising funds to encourage as many young people as possible to enjoy sport in their lives. The more money we raise the more opportunities we can provide. We have raised over £12,000 so far! 

Donations can be made direct to the Steve's Team account.  For details of how to make a donation email Marie via the donate link.

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Steve's Team will create sporting opportunities for young people

We hope to back a variety of community, educational and sporting projects.  

Steve's Team prioritises:

  • Opportunities for those who would not otherwise have them

  • Participation in physical activity to support positive mental health and wellbeing

  • Support for young athletes through teenage drop-out zones

We would love to receive your ideas and feedback.

Let us know if you have a project that needs support.

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Image by Serena Repice Lentini
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